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Long Boat Check in begins at 10:30 am at Gate D at RBA

You have no excuse to not to be checked in before 2pm. You will receive your tailgate wristband and your game ticket/s at that time so you must check in .

No Wristband , No Tailgate, No Game Tickets = if you don't CHECK IN.


Tailgate starts at 11am and breakdown begins at 2pm , so if you plan on eating and hydrating you will need to get to the Gate D area early.

The tailgate is complimentary if you are riding a Viking Army Long Boat as a thank you for your support of the club throughout the year. If you wish to donate something , we will gladly accept but not required. If you are not riding a Viking Army Long Boat , you can pay $5 to join us. We will have a bunch of different things for everyone to eat and drink until it is all gone or its time to start breaking down.


Buses depart at 2:45pm with or without you from Gate D at RBA.

There are 4 Viking buses headed down. 3 party buses and 1 family/chill bus. If you wish to ride the family/chill bus please state so at Check In . If you want to be on a particular bus, you will need to arrive and check in early. All buses are loaded on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you get there , the better the chances of getting on the bus you wish to be on. Again buses will leave at 2:45pm , with or without , so plan your arrival at RBA with possible traffic and construction delays included. If you are taking public transportation, don't forget that there is reduced service on weekends and some subway lines may not be running due to construction.



  • NO #2 IN THE BUS BATHROOMS please take care of your needs before we leave RBA or wait till we arrive at PPL Park to leave your deposit.

  • DO NOT PUT STICKERS ON BUS as we are responsible for anything that happens to the buses - failure to follow rules will lead to future suspension from Viking Army road trips.



Parking in PPL PARK is Lot A and will cost $20 per car.

The lot opens up at 2pm. Once you park, we ask that everyone walk over to the Boat Slip area where the buses will be parked so we can march into the stadium together. Again aim to be at the Boat Slip Dock area before the buses arrive at 4:45pm to expedite ticket distribution for those of you needing to pick up tickets


We are sitting in Section 132 in PPL Park.

We will have that entire section and it is treated as general addmision so don't worry about the seat row and number on your ticket. There will be concessions and bathrooms under the section if you need to do so.

All RBNY supporters will enter thru the RIVER GATE entrance . Everyone is subject to Bag Checks and Pat Downs. If you are wearing a jacket, it will be asked to be removed and anything covering your face must be removed.


All smoking and E-cigs are only allowed in the smoking area only .

None will be allowed in the section. No Selfie Sticks or Go Pros allowed in the stadium as well. To avoid issues, just don't bring them .


If you have an issue or problem with anybody - including Philly security, Philly fans, etc, please notify a group leader/board member so the issue can be handled and we then also know about it - if we don't know about a situation, we therefore can not help you with a solution.

You do anything stupid at PPL Park causing your official ejection and/or police to be involved, you can and/or will be suspended/ banned from RBA as well by the RBNY FO and/or disciplined by the Viking Army SC Board as well.

A reminder if you have an issue with anything or anyone please let your Bus Leader and/or Board Member know. Again without you bringing it to our attention, we don't know about it - meaning it is of non-importamce to you to notify anybody of the problem to do something about it.


If you are intoxicated - you will not be allowed into PPL or if they see you in an intoxicated state inside the stadium, you will be escorted out.


At the end of the game we will be held in the section as usual for 15-20 minutes.


Last but not least , lets have a bunch of fun as usual on a Viking Army SC road trip. If you are a Road Trip Virgin, no need to worry - you will be back.


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