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2016 Season Tickets Red Memberships

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and trip down to Philly! I am sure some of you saw information already regarding 2016 season tickets Red Memberships but below is a link to our Red Membership page that includes information regarding benefits, pricing, etc. ​​

Important Information Phase 1 of renewals & new Red Membership runs from August 10th – September 10th

  • Lowest price - $330 per seat

  • Exclusive Red Member Jacket – not available for purchase, one jacket per seat.

  • Access to Ticket Trade Program

  • Red Member Scarf – fan vote

  • Members+ Points – 2,500

How do I renew or buy new:

  • You can renew/buy new online through your online account, call me, or call your Fan Services Rep

Referral Program:

  • If you have someone interested in buying a Red Membership have them call me or your Fan Services Rep directly and mention you by name at their time of purchase. Once the purchase is complete we will contact you regarding your referral credit.

After September 10th prices will increase to $363 per seat. If anyone has any questions, please let me know. Thank you.

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