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Long Boat Check in begins at 10:30pm or a little earlier at Gate D at RBA

You can only check yourself in and there is NO checking in people that are not with you .. If you prefer to ride a specific bus, we recommend you get there early enough to ensure you are on the bus you wish to be riding during this trip.

There will be a FAMILY/CHILL bus for those interested so please ask to be placed on that bus . Buses will leave at 11:59 pm with or without , you so please make sure you get there early enough to allow for anything that may pop up unexpectedly

All children will be required to ride this bus or the bus that is being captained by Board Member Dave Guzman - Scuzzy Guzzy

No Wristband , No Tailgate, No Game Tickets = if you don't CHECK IN.


Free to everyone! You will be able to park in the EAST LOT , which is located next to GATE D - parking is free.


Buses depart at 7:00am with or without you from Gate D at RBA.

There are 5 Southward buses headed down. There will be 2 loud party buses, 2 semi- regular party and 1 chill bus to choose from. If you desire to ride a specific bus please state so when asked during check in. If seating is available , your request will be accommodated. All buses are loaded on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you get there , the better the chances of getting on the bus you wish to be on. Again buses will leave at 11:59pm, with or without you! ​



  • NO #2 IN THE BUS BATHROOMS please take care of your needs before we leave RBA or wait till we arrive at one of the two rest stops to leave your deposit.

  • DO HARD COOLERS IN MAIN CABIN must go in the storage compartment below the bus.

  • DO NOT PUT STICKERS ON BUS as we are responsible for anything that happens to the buses - failure to follow rules will lead to future suspension from Viking Army road trips.

  • DO NOT LEAVE GARBAGE be considerate and throw your trash away in the garbage bags provided.

  • BRING COMFORTABLE ITEMS Please bring stuff that will make you comfortable while on the ride (pillow, blanket, food, drinks, ipod, book, etc). You can bring alcoholic beverages just please limit the size of the cooler to fit in the aisle or it will need to be placed downstairs, ideal a soft cooler will work best. Also remember this is a long trip so consumer your beverages in a responsible manner.


Lets make sure we take care of our drivers for always taking care of us. We recommend at least $5 per person. The better we tip these guys the less we will have to deal with and they will want to work our trips again in the future.



Parking at the stadium will be in Lot #B and will cost $15 per car and require a pass.

Buses and commuter vans will be parking in LOT B and will require that you have a parking pass to get into that parking lot. If you have a commuter van that we don't know about, you need to get Ralph Chupi Garcia a message so we can you get a pass to park in the LOT B area.. Without the pass you will not be able to park your commuter van in that lot.


We will be collecting the $5 for the tailgate at CHECK IN , in exchange for a wristband, so please try and have exact change to expedite the check in procedure for yourself and everyone as well. If you are driving we will have a table to collect the $5 for your wristband - we collect the 45 to off set the cost of the food , drinks , etc involved with having the tailgate. we will be serving food and drinks until the food and drinks are all gone or we shut down around 3:45 pm when we have to start getting ready to march to the stadium.


Game tickets will be picked up in LOT #B during the tailgate.

We are expecting to get to the stadium at 10 am. Once we are set up, we will be handing out tickets until 3:45 pm when we have to start getting ready to march inside the stadium


The march will happen at 4pm once we shutdown the tailgate.

We will march toward GATE 3 for our security check and then enter the stadium to go to our sections


The bag policy will be strictly enforced since of the stuff going on overseas

Bags are only permitted if they are 14" x 6" x 14" and smalle. The only type of bags allowed will be Camera bags, Cinch sacks (the ones with the draw strings) , diaper bags and purses - that is it.

Those bringing cameras, if you have a camera with a detachable lens it WILL NOT BE PERMITTED INSIDE, so just leave the camera home or on the bus.

** No food or drink of any kind will not be allowed inside the stadium


If you are drunk you will not be allowed inside the stadium!

Please be sure to be in good shape when getting to the security checkpoint at gate 3.

** They have a promotion of 1/2 priced beers for the first 45 minutes of the game, meaning that you can be served up to the 45 minute mark at 1/2 price. If you are on line after the 45 minute time you will be charged regular price when you finally get served.

Beer sales will stop at the 80 minute so get your last minute beers before that time.


We are sitting in Section 426(ish) in the stadium.

Seating will be in the sections around 426 - YES those are in the upper deck and we will be the only ones allowed up there. So make sure you get those game tickets thru our link or the RACOON UNITED link (Promo Code: NYRB) once we take ours down.


All smoking and E-cigs are only allowed in the smoking area only .

None will be allowed in the section. No Selfie Sticks or Go Pros allowed in the stadium as well. To avoid issues, just don't bring them .


If you have an issue or problem with anybody - including Security, Crew fans, eachother, etc, please notify a group leader/board member so the issue can be handled and we then also know about it - if we don't know about a situation, we therefore can not help you with a solution.

You do anything stupid at the stadium causing your official ejection and/or police to be involved, you can and/or will be suspended/ banned from RBA as well by the RBNY FO and/or disciplined by the Viking Army SC Board as well.

A reminder if you have an issue with anything or anyone please let your Bus Leader and/or Board Member know. Again without you bringing it to our attention, we don't know about it - meaning it is of non-importamce to you to notify anybody of the problem to do something about it.


We will be getting back on the buses, which will be outside of GATE 3 after we are released from the sections. Please expect to be held in the section around an extra 15 minutes , to allow the home fans to clear in order for us to get an expedited route to the buses.

** If you need to go to the bathroom they will allow us to go after the game is finished but will prevent you from going fro the 80 minute to the end of the game so again, you will be able to go once the game is finished ..

**We will get on the buses and head straight for Red Bull Arena. Expected ETA back to Red Bull Arena is around 6am - 7am Monday morning. Of course we will make a stop or two in necessary - emphasis on IF NECESSARY


Last but not least , lets have a bunch of fun as usual on a Viking Army SC road trip. If you are a Road Trip Virgin, no need to worry - you will be back.


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